Friday, January 23, 2009

" Yaad Hai 22 july 2008 ??? "

Does the title remind u nything? no !! think of bollywood for a while.. still no?? chalo ill tell u, this is synonymous to the line which the servile followers of Ghajini must be fully aware of.. :) The only differentiating factor is the slight change in date; the intensity & and the emotional weight it carries remains the same. U migh wonder what m all upto but the moment i whisper "Satyam" this intriguing and blurring dust of discussion would be slowly loosing its way..
It was evening when i was coming from sports complex planning on my way ' movie of the nite ' to watch when i was greeted on the stairs by my friend," Bad newz for You..."
" Your New Year Gift " the 1st sarcastic remark made by the evil residing deep in my heart said to me..i didnt reply. I didnt move to common room to know more about it as i was pretty sure Head-lines viz " RAJU TUNAE KYA KIYA", "SATYAM KA ASATYA " ," SATYAM SHIVAM SCANDLM " wud be blaring in full swing all over the idiot box channels." Internet wud be a better option " i thot.
When death is inevitable then why not a silent one..the moment i reached my room i saw 5 missed calls.."saket,home,ranjit,ranjit,ranjit"... the last name surprised me a bit, Ranjit bhaiya as v know him better used to be our neighbour and had now shifted sumwhere else, he had a btech degree but never believd in doin job..our relation too was not that sweet either, in childhood he used to poke me sumtimes and would leave no stone unturned in proving himself superior than nyone present in the cricket field,he was 5 years older to me but jst see this neonate..he hadnt called me when i had become a Satyamite...nevertheless i called him back only to know that he wanted my father's number..forget it,..
After sometime i regained consciousness, gloomy time revisits, sipping a glass of milk i lost myself in the that glorious past.. 22 july 2008 8:30am " its ur day saurav and ur making it,its indispensable ..." vishal said to me as i made my final preparations, "best of luck " was pouring from all sides as i left... i was nervous,i was shaky and i was hungry too.. things dont go down ur throat in such situations i guess..but i was prepared this time after my TCS experince and my bag apart from books and resume contained chips and biscuits..
10:00 clo'k test starts, a half an hr paper, CAT based, very tough, did a few, came out preety sure telling myself "next time buddy" bt the moment i saw others i got confident, took out the chips and made good use of it... results out .... Now something which i really hate and particularly in such situations is my " name" ... SAURAV , why the hell there are soooooo many sauravs there..saurav banerjee, saurav sinha,saurav dik(shit)..ooofffff...i counted and found saurav kumar (3rd name ) and then another one in the middle, thank God they had put the date of birth alongside, i was also happy to find my friends' names there,chal one hurdle crossed..
I was always good in extempore,debate and essay writings wich made the 2nd stage simple we had to write an essay ,it was not a termination round, the interview time came, and two students failed to clear the HR round.. i was surprised and it shattered my confidence, it seems the HR guy who happened to be a retired Major didnt like boys, i entered the room and was greeted by a warm welcome, i knew what he was lookin for was confidence and thankfully i showed a lot :) Next was Tech round and i by this time i had known what was demanded-- Confidence,smartness,knowledge and a bit of luck and today i had them all, The Techi was very very friendly, we talked at length on all most everything- politics,corporate,school life,college life, and typical questions, he was quite pleased to know my School DAV Shyamli had appreciated a lot, he said his senior too belonged to this school, then after all this the real tech interview started where he askd questions from my fav subject C, DS, and DBMS, i was assured a job there itself when he said " satyam would be pleased to have you with us.."

Results out, to add to our jitteriness the result was published in the other hostel, 5D..
Vishal came running down screeming, i knewi was there and the best partwas that all my friends were with me too, ..then the regular traditional " kicking -while-lifting " ..The nextday we all had a small party, small on bcoz everyone wanted to make it big, a bigger company, 2nd Round what we all call it,and the best thing is everyone in our group made it !!!!

Raju tunae kya kiya-- its not just me but everyone is asking; WHY, and how could anyone scoop down so much as to completely jeopardise lives of some Two hundred thousand people???
Shame would be too small a word to describe it,i saw the disappointment in my colleagues, they still smiled saying
" tum to bach gaye yaar.." i knew i was safe bt at that moment i jst wantd all of them to be selected in some company asap.. and thankfully some of them did get placed in Emphasis, i was happy for them leaving behind the grumbling of my brother as to why i didnt sit ;i too had lost 1 job... i just wish everyone leaves this place with a happy note ; it wud be unbearable to leave from here unemployed after toiling for 4 long yrs.


  1. u didn't write abt 2nd job?? motorola

  2. i wantd to but then i thot i shud rather put that experince as another blog.. its a matter of time.m workin on it