Wednesday, January 7, 2009

dil chata hai -->season 1

There are 2 things i consider them to be endless -- stars in the sky and our wish-list,and u wont deny this; have v ever wondered our each day starts with a wish-- i wish it were a holiday,i wished i didnt hav to study today,wished the teacher never came this period;wish i cud beat that guy,bla-bla-bla.. I will share one of my experinces with u,find out if got my wish...

Life is perhaps a big boxing ring and surviving there with punches full of guts and zeal to win is the ultimate goal of every boxer (nice lines na…..hmmm!!!!) and the more I try to analize my life the more & more sophisticated and somewhat screwed it appears…. It all goes this way…once I obliged to my titillating quizzy soul and created history by participating in a business quiz which was a part of an International fest (as boasted by us..) UNNAYAN….and I confess I was magnetized by its cash award of Rs12000 for the 1st prize.and in accordance prepared well for a few days mugging up all the names of those tongue-twisting CEOs …took minute record of TATA-CORUS acquisition…went thru 1 month of business times bla-bla-bla…..Perhaps that 12000 hovered around my eyes all the time ….i suddenly started dreaming of buying myself a Digital cam which came in the range of 8000-10,000. and milking that opportunity in taking pics in Bitotsav….the time came its 1:00pm and m in CAT…looking around other participants…hmmmm they look all prepared laughing on those silly jokes ,,perhaps trying to sway away the knocking nervousness….i too wanted to laugh with them bt “meri to lagi hui thi “ that self-expectation of winning the comptt after a long time was weighing heavy on me,yes,i was not a lay-man in quizzing,i had a great record not only in winning the intra and Inter school quiz comppts but also in representing my State in International Geography Olympiad as well…..But jst see the pessimism, i started remembering those “FIIT-Jee days “ when the toppers wud laugh all around the park and after the xam stroll around Shyamli verbally xplaining the solution to the unfortunates and taking the deserving pride in those situations ,v in the crowd going home with bags full of disappointment and grief …and this day was no different than that….my worst days were abt to revisit….Actually I wud hav never ever participated 2day had I not been offered by a south Indian to be his partner…..he was buzy participating in other events and confessed in the xamination hall that he was never prepared 4 dat…at once I got elated (I repeat elated ) bcoz I was fully prepared and after winning I could well take away 10000 atleast giving 2000 to him as a consolation 4 encouraging me to be his partner ( how greedy !!! shit )…and now all those feelings had disappeared…just one thought 10000 10000 …… see I had virtually won even b4 it had started….i was brought to reality by a gorgeous girl (though senior …bt who cares ) who gave me a sheet for the prelims …and I was fully ready beaming with confidence here my chance comes…my first gateway of earning even b4 my placement …hehehe
Q<> YES YES…I knew the ans…bt was misguided by my stupid partner bt finally I corrected..
Q<>. I didn’t know….u cant expect to know all u?
Q<3>. YES YES YES my partner knew….God IS Great…
Q<4> boom…..arhhhhhhhhhh !!! shit !!!!!!
Q<5> ailla !!!!!!
Q<9> abe same story !!!!!
Q<10> IF not 1st the 2nd prize is not bad 10000/
Q<11>…..YA ALLAH madad kar!!!!
Q<15> I knew ….bhagwan ne sun le ( bahut der laga de…kahaan chale gaye the Prabhu )
Q <18> hey BAJRANG BALI atleast qualify to karva dijiyae…
Q <19> Saale quiz-master ki to *@#$%&* ……
Q<20> m f****…..
Ab likhnae ko kuch bhi nahi bacha hai ….i got 3 out of 20……and the cut-off was 4..highest was 9 of who else….IIT-kgp; bloody hounds……they finally won the quiz I watched the mains of quiz and thanked God he saved me ….i knew jst 6 answers wich wud hav surely put me last….once again thank u God….bt I m thank-ful to him as the news-paper photographer took a photo all zoomed at me…so I can expct my pic to be in tom HINDUSTAN-TIMES Ranchi - live …Hurray……
So did i get a digital cam for myself? wat say haan !!!


  1. hey saurabh , good to know u r blogging . About ur blog , it is good start from your side . And u have interest in quiz , nice thing!! . Same was story with me when i did appear for all the quiz comptt. in first and second year ( technieek , spardha , bitotsav etc. ) . In third year i gave up , i still wonders from where ....Abhishek shahoos and shoaib daniyals were able to answer so many questions . All business quiz finals were worth watching .....hope is always there ...after all there is scope of getting award ( as audience though )

  2. accha likha hai be! quite surprising! to be very frank, i never knew u had dis talent.
    okk ab jyada khush mat ho ,main tere galiyan dene ki capabilities ki baat kar raha huun !!
    chalo accha hai;)
    tu kuch seekha to 4 saal me.
    keep it up man!! i expect more frm u!!